How to Fold the Star Wars Origami TIE Fighter by Philip Schulz

Origami TIE Fighter

Learn how to Fold the origami TIE Fighter. Designer Philip Schulz

Video Tutorial by tavin. Difficulty level: Intermedium This is an asesome model, not hard

From one uncut square of classic Black and White origami paper, about 20cm x 20 cm (50g/m2)

This is another origami midel from Star Wars, The TIE Fighter might not ever see the light of day outside of the television. Not a real starfighter, anyway. But you can model our very own Star Wars TIE Fighter with some simple paper. It might take a while, but folding this origami Star Wars TIE Fighter will be worth every second. For help use the origami diagram,

Instructions, how to fold and Diagram: Click Here!

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